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Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me. As I was in church today, I started to think about the reasons that I love Jesus and so I decided to write them down and share them with you.

So, here are 40 reasons why I’m In love With Jesus:

  1. He loves me. Before I even knew Him, He loved me completely. While I was still in sin, He loved me. In fact, He loves me so much that there is nothing that can separate me from His love. It doesn’t matter what I do, where I’ve been, He still loves me with the strongest love there could ever be.
  2. He’s always there for me. No matter what circumstance I may find myself in, He’s always by my side. No matter what my thoughts may be, He’s there ready to hold my hand.
  3. He’s full of faith in every circumstance. He has so much faith that I don’t need any. I can just look to Him and He has enough for me. Instead of trying to work up faith I get to just look at Him.
  4. He never judges me. In the moments when I judge myself for my actions, He never does. Instead His arms are wide open with acceptance and He invites me to sit with Him.
  5. He always encourages me. Instead of telling me how much I’m messed up, He always encourages me with who He made me to be. When I’m down, His encouragement always lifts me up. When I’m scared to move forward, He’s right there telling me I can do it.
  6. He satisfies me completely. Every desire that I ever had is satisfied with Him. If I could never do anything but be in His presence, I’d be satisfied for He is all-satisfying.
  7. His eyes. When I look into His eyes, they woo me. They overtake me with so much love, peace and joy I can barely contain it.
  8. How He dreams with me. He puts passion in my dreams and gives me dreams that align with Him so that we can work together.
  9. How He helps me work. Any work that needs to be done is so easy when He’s right there helping me. It gets done in record time and He knows just how to keep me focused.
  10. How he carries my burdens and lightens my load. Any time I have anything that is bogging down my mind, I can give it to Him and He takes care of it completely. Every burden He gladly takes for me.
  11. The Fullness of Joy in His presence. At any moment, anytime, I can just think about Him and a big smile comes on my face because He carries the fullness of JOY with Him everywhere He goes.
  12. His peace that is beyond understanding. In times when most people would be freaking out, all I need to do is look to Him and a peace that doesn’t make sense comes forth.
  13. He makes me bold. Whenever I’m lacking boldness, He leads the way and makes it easy for me to follow. So, I step out of the boat and go for it.
  14. How He gives. He always gives me everything of Him and shows me how to give like crazy. So, we play this game sometime when I try to out give Him… I never win except for the times He lets me think I won.
  15. He completes me. Anytime I’m lacking any quality of any kind, I just look to Him and He has it in abundance and gives it to me for the moment.
  16. The garden/beach He made just for me. When I close my eyes and let Him lead me, He takes me to this incredible inlet with the clearest blue water and beautiful sand. It’s a place I can go to at any time and it encourages me and gives me rest.
  17. How He took away all my addictions. As I fell in love with Him, He took away anything that hindered love. Anything that kept me from being all I could be including pornography. It’s awesome being free.
  18. How He helped me look at money the right way. I used to be scared of giving because I was scared I couldn’t pay my bills. Now, I give away almost everything I have because I see money as simply a way to love people. (I am still learning, however.)
  19. His righteousness. His character is impeccable and as I hang out with Him, His righteousness rubs off on me and He makes me righteous. It’s just crazy that He gave me His righteousness and I didn’t even really have to do anything.
  20. How He hides things for me. Sometimes when I have something I’m trying to figure out about His character, He just winks at me and lets me search it out.
  21. He always empowers me. Whenever I feel powerless or don’t think I can do something, He always empowers me to do it. As I let Him, He keeps pushing me to go deeper and go further. Then, as I lean on His power, we do it together.
  22. His place of rest. He has this place for me to rest where I get to stay all the time. As I rest in Him, I’m free to be fully me and do the things that I’m created to do. All victory comes from a place of being in His rest.
  23. How He made me pure. He changed my heart so that I could be completely pure and as I’m pure all things become pure around me. It sets me free to see the glory of God in everything, including a lot of secular songs.
  24. He opened my eyes to see. As I walk with Him throughout the day, I get to see everything through His eyes. In hopeless situations I see hope. In unlovable situations, I see love. In sin I see redemption. In every person I see destiny and a beautiful future.
  25. He fills me with wonder. I can look at a blade of grass and get overcome by His goodness and love. In every moment wonder fills my soul as I gaze upon the details of His beautiful creation.
  26. He helps me live in the moment. In Him, every moment is a moment of bliss and glory. And I get to live every moment at His side. My awareness of every moment has increased dramatically as I fell in love with Him.
  27. He lets me see into people’s souls. As I hang with Him, He lets me see people the way He sees them. I see their pain. I see their beauty. I see their incredible destiny all in one glance. It’s becoming more and more common as I get rid of me and let Him go for it.
  28. He helps me be me. The more I spend time with Him, the more He keeps telling me who I am and as I see who He is more and more each day, I get to see more and more of who I am in Him. He unlocks me to be like Him.
  29. How patient He is with me. The many times when He tries to tell me something and just don’t get it, He keeps telling me and is extremely patient until it finally soaks in.
  30. His gentleness. With His patience comes incredible gentleness. He only pushes me as far as I can handle. He gently prods me toward the truth and away from any lies I might believe.
  31. The people He’s put in my life. He knows exactly who to put in my path to help me go deeper and further with my spiritual walk. He also has people in place to just be friends with and go watch movies and go bowling with.
  32. The Words He’s given me. He’s given me some very intense words of prophesy over my life that I get to give right back to Him since they’re way bigger then what I could do by myself. But, with Him, all things are possible.
  33. The little things He does for me. These are the little things where you’re going along in April and you see a free ice cream special for people that have birthdays on June 18th which just happens to be your birthday. He does them all time. Sometimes, however, I happen to miss them till later I’m like “Woah. Wait a second. What was that?”
  34. How He heals our infirmities. Don’t you just love how He heals our infirmities so that we can live in divine health? It’s incredible that He died for all of it. And that we get to participate by praying for people to be healed.
  35. How He lets me share His words for Him. There are many times when He lets me tell people His words for Him. I get to speak for Him and that just blows my mind.
  36. How He speaks to me all the time. I love the times when I wake up and am spending time with Him and He puts someone on my mind to pray for them or call them with an encouraging word.
  37. He’s full of mercy. Even when I don’t deserve it, He always gives me another chance. He always forgives me and extends mercy and invites me back into His loving embrace even in the times when I’ve ignored Him for a time.
  38. That He chose me before the foundation of the earth. There isn’t much else to say except “Woah!” He actually chose me…
  39. I’m His favorite. Yeah. We’re all His favorite. He loves us all so much, we couldn’t possibly begin to know all of it. We’re so totally His favorite that He chooses to spend all His time personally with all of us.
  40. That He paid it all. On that cross He died as me and paid it all so that I could be just like Him and minister like Him every day of my life. I’m set free from sin. Free from what others think. And free to be just like Jesus!

This is just a taste of why I love Jesus. There are new things I’m always learning about Him and as I learn them I keep being awed by His goodness and His love fore me and for all mankind. And the awesome thing is that as I learn more about Him, I become more and more like Him. It really is an incredible thing! I’ve never been freer in my life.

Another incredible thing about this is that He represents the Father completely. God loves us just as much as Jesus does. In fact, God loves us so much, He made us in His image and likeness so that we could be just like Him and represent Him in everything we do. Through the Holy Spirit, we get to be just like Jesus.

I hope that reading this has overcome you with His incredible goodness and love for you. In fact, I’m sure you have some things that you’d like to add to this list, so comment below with why you love Jesus. I love to hear from you.

Also, let me know which one you like best of the ones I mentioned.

Justen Miller is a son of God that is God’s favorite and loves spending every moment with Him! Since he’s a son, he’s royalty. Justen writes cool stuff, changes the world daily, runs his own marketing business, and is all around a great dude to hang with and talk to about Jesus. This is mostly (if not completely) because Jesus chose to live in Justen. Learn more about Justen here…